Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life at an African Pace

Here is my typical day in Kitete:

6:50am - Wake up
7:00am - Morning Prayer
8:00am - Breakfast
9-10:40 - Teach computers
11-12:20 - Teach English
12:20-1:30 - Free
1:30pm - Lunch
2-5:30 - Free
5:30-7pm - Volleyball
7-8:45 - Free
9:00pm - Dinner
9:45-11pm - Free

As you can see, there is a lot of down time here in Kitete. Tyler and I have been doing our best to fill the time without getting bored, but that is a tall task. We read, listen to music, journal, and nap a lot. When we aren't being lazy we go for runs too. We are training to hopefully climb Kilimanjaro in July.

Some days we get a chance to travel with one of the priests for small village masses in the afternoon. These masses take place in tarp-covered lean-tos and last between an hour and half and two hours. This is no surprise of course because life moves slowly here. Things always start fashionably late and last for a long time. For instance, mass this morning was supposed to start at 8am. It began at 8:30 and ended at 11:30! Talk about a test of endurance.

That is all for now. I am excited because tomorrow the cook says I may get to slaughter a chicken! I will be sure to report back if that happens.

Tanzanian Fun Fact: The locals here don't use the typical am/pm method of telling time. Instead it is based off of the sunrise. One o'clock is 7am, two is 8am, and so forth.


  1. Dad wants to know if we sent you all the way to Africa for free time? Sounds like college life to me. I may have to live there because I would fit right in with the slow laziness.

  2. I'm so not a morning person but I could definately handle your schedule from 12:20 on..
    So great to be able to hear of your adventures. See any big game animals? Lots of love and big hugs to you proud of you!

  3. It must be sooo hard keeping your mind active during all that "down" time. Only our Greg could endure that life style! Beware of Kilimanjaro climbing, that does not sound like the best idea. Love you....